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After years of building both our own and our customers race engines, taking them to other Dyno Shops, breaking in the engines and tuning them to maximum performance......We now have our own SUPERFLOW ENGINE DYNO !
Regardless of who has built your engine, we are more than happy to Dyno your engine. We take all the guess work out and save wasting time at the track or on the water, trying to achieve optimum performance.
Just give us a call and make a booking.

Dyno sessions start from $550.00 (inc GST) plus parts / consumables.
We use high-tech SuperFlow Engine Dynomomoter Systems to analyze the performance of racing engines. Our carefully calibrated systems provide precise data that will not only tell you how much power, but where the power is in the speed range.
Our systems can measure engine speed, torque, two fuel flows, two air flows, air exhaust gas temperatures, five fluid temperatures, oil pressure, manifold pressure and barometric pressure. And can calculate power, air-fuel ratio, brake specific fuel consumption, brake specific air consumption, volumetric efficiency, mechanical efficiency, and more.

Dyno Combustion Air Control
Dyno Combustion Air Control is the ultimate in engine dymamometer combustion air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure control. This system was designed by combining both mechanical engineering technology and many years of high performance engine building experience. The result is never thinking "Did the change I made to the engine change the dyno reading, or did the correction factor change due to changes in atmospheric conditions.
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